My name is Jordan Simons and I run a video blog about my life!


A bit of background

In 2014 I sold all my possessions, quit my job and began to travel the world.

(a bit cliche I know but it’s the truth.)

I found that I instantly loved travelling and wanted to make it a bigger part of my life,

My mission was to learn how to travel the world continuously.

I started off by doing freelance web design and picking up little bits of money here and there – basically any online work that would enable me to keep travelling. I also began my own blog and social media channels, documenting my personal experience of working online while travelling.

Since then I’ve done some amazing things and been to some incredible places all over the world,
all because I made an unconventional choice and started following my passion.

komodo indo

Here are a few things I’ve done since starting this blog:

Traveled to 55+ Countries
The World’s Highest Bungee Jump
Raced around Sri Lanka in a Tuk-Tuk
Charity projects in rural Cambodia and Northern Thailand
Studied Martial Arts in China
Won YouTube’s Nextup Competition in London
Climbed Mt Rinjani in Indonesia
& much more

macao bungee

My adventures have led to a large YouTube and social media following of over 150,000 people!
I feel incredibly lucky to be able to live the life I lead and inspire other people along the way.
My mission has always been to show people first-hand how you can travel the world while working online.
This led me to create another website and blog dedicated to exactly that, called Travel Continuously

This is just the beginning of the adventure.


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