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The Blog Begins – Jord’s Journal 001

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This is my new weekly journal, a foray into the world of travel blogging.

Hi. I’m Jord. You might have come across blog this after seeing me on YouTube, social media or in a bar somewhere in South East Asia.

This part of the blog is called Jord’s Journal – a place for me to share thoughts, recent trips and questionable life decisions.

jords journal

Starting a Travel Blog

I’ve wanted to start a travel blog of my own for a long time now. The idea of creating written content, that actually helps people to travel, has always interested me.

The problem I’ve always had though, is that I don’t particularly like SEO content.

The type of Buzzfeed style articles that read:

’11 Reasons Japan Should Be Next on Your Bucket List (You Won’t Believe No. 7)’


‘9 Ways Your Hamster is Cheating on You!’

So I didn’t start.

Well now that changes.

so it begins meme

I decided to get over my fear of SEO and attempt to conquer the world of travel blogging, in my own way.

Not everything I write will be perfectly optimised or based on listicles.

Not everything will be written for search engines.

Sometimes the writing will just be for me – like in this journal.


So with that, and my introductory semi-rant to you all, I’ll give you a quick update about my life.

Living in Bali

At the beginning of the year, I planned to spend most of 2023 settled down in Bali.

It was a chance to slow down after 9 years of travel, catch up on some creative work and enjoy being part of the nomad community.

Along with my girlfriend Claire, we rented a villa for one year in Canggu.

…it’s now October and so far we’ve spent about 5 months in Bali.

This has happened for a variety of reasons: family, work trips, itchy feet.

My vlog about choosing to live in Bali

We’ve had some amazing times there, and we both hugely enjoyed the time we actually spent on the island.

But it’s clear to see that the ‘settle down in Bali experiment’ failed.

So perhaps it’s time to move on and try something new.

I’ll tell you exactly what that new thing is… in next weeks journal.

For now, thanks for reading,